foundation system of burj al arab

Superplasticizers and Their Nature as Concrete Admixture

Superplasticizers have water reducing property but distinctly and significantly have more effect in water reducing of concrete than normal water reducing admixtures.

Lateral Load Testing for Micropile

We know different sources of lateral loads are applied in deep foundation and we consider deep foundation is capable of taking these loads. In this regard some tests should be conducted along with axial load testing.

When owner side think lateral testing is essential, this testing will be conducted before axial load testing and should comply with ASTM D3966.

ASTM D3966-“Standaard test methods for deep foundation under lateral loads”-this testing method in field provides us most acceptable relationship between lateral load to which deep foundation subjected and lateral movement as a result of such loading.

This test results also provide information that can be used to determined lateral resistance distribution along pile shaft and also long-term behavior of load-deflection.